Day: September 25, 2019

Coolest 15 Pack Covers in 2019

  Hiking Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover Sandstrom Durable Nylon Hiking Waist Pack Rain Cover for Hiking Camping Traveling (18-25L) - It folds down pretty small, when not in use it is very easy to roll up and stow away and takes up very little room, easy to carry and easy to […]

Best and Coolest 15 Pocket Tool Kits in 2019

  South Dakota Pocket Multi Purpose Tool Kit ‘University of South Dakota’ - Features include 2 flathead and 2 phillips-head screwdriver bits stored under the cap, a built-in level, and a single white led light with push on/off power button. This versatile tool kit will help you tackle a variety of […]

18 Greatest Paracord Cobras for 2019

  SENC Paracord – 550 Paracord Cobra Zipper Pulls (3-pack) (Yellow and Black Camo) - Quality, handmade paracord zipper pulls. Emergency uses include self-protection, tourniquets, trip line, snares and traps, pulleys, shelter building, tool repair, securing items to self or vehicle, fishing line, and many, many more. Composed of over 3′ […]